Help with creating a star in PCBNew

I am working on a lightning project, where there will be a star made of LEDs but the problem is I can’t make a star, that will actually look like a star. Can anyone create it for me? Or at least give me some advice?
I want it to look like THIS with max width of 11 5mm LEDs.

Thank you

All you need is a BMP, PNG or JPEG file containing your star graphic and you can convert it into a footprint using KiCad’s Bitmap2Component tool.

I think there are several ways to go about this…

I would get a piece of graph paper and trace the board outline on the graph paper.
Then use a similar size “grid” in KiCad and draw the outline using the coordinates that you derive from the graph paper. You can draw a rough approximation of the star in the board outline layer and then right click on each segment of the star and adjust the endpoints of each segment to match the one on the graph paper. You will need to use the same “origin” point to match your graph paper drawing and then copy the coordinates over to pcbnew.

Once you get the rough drawing done you would then right click on each segment and make the x,y changes there.

To do a board outline you would just go into pcbnew and select the “edge cuts” layer and then use the “graphic line” tool to draw your board.

That is “one” way you might try.

good luck

When I started writing my reply “devbisme” must have started his around the same time.

And to my point “several ways to go about this” I would try his method first :smile:

seems like it might work. Then fall back to my method if no success.