Help with corrupted design

I have been working on a layout using Pcbnew 5.1.7 for the last few days. This afternoon when I updated my PCB from the schematic I got an error and I cannot figure out what is broken. The error says:

Error: Symbol U6 pad ~ not found in footprint vert_2:DS3010_UWB_and_BLE_Module.

I checked my schematic symbol and there is no pad named “~” on it, or on the footprint.

How can I track down where the issue is?

It’s probably the pin number of the symbol. The pin “number” is actually a string, so it can be text instead of a number. The footprint must have the corresponding pads with the same names (i.e. numbers). The symbols don’t have pads, they have pins.

I have looked using the library editor and there is no pin number with “~”

I checked the symbol in the pin table and there was a hidden pin number “~”. Deleted that and the netlist transfers now.


Just a heads up: the old export netlist -> import netlist workflow is deprecated*. Use “update pcb from schematic” that directly gets the data from eeschemas internal data structures and therefore ensures you can not update with an outdated state of the schematic (and allows for more powerful data interactions in the future)

*) Deprecated for getting data from eeschema to pcbnew. It will still stay there to get data from eeschema to an external program or from some external program to pcbnew.

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Thanks @Rene_Poschl, I was using the “update PCB from schematic” path. While I was trying to fix the above error I used the import netlist in Pcbnew. Doing it directly from the schematic is my normal procedure.

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