Help with connector footprints

Hi Guys,
Newbie here. I have a new install of version 4.0.7 on a Mac.

I have a small project that I have completed a schematic for and am now trying to progress a pcb layout, but have been unable to get footprints for any of the connectors. When I run CvPcb I can allocate footprints for everything on the schematic except the connectors. The left column is fully populated with libraries (and I can see a long list of connector types), but when I select any connector from the net list, the right column remains stubbornly empty, so I can’t allocate anything.

Any help in correcting this issue would be much appreciated.

Have a look at this FAQ post (click somewhere in the top right corner of the gray area to see the full post. Or click the title to get to the post it self.)

Hi Rene,
Thanks for the reply and the help. I had not noticed the filter options - so yes, I now have connector footprints to choose from.

You are not the first to have trouble with that. (There is a reason why we put this into the FAQ)

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