Help understanding "minimum hole to" Design Rule

I’m trying to fill in the design rules for OSHPark 4-layer boards and I’m a little confused by the “Minimum hole to” field. I’m assuming it’s minimum hole to [something] but I’m not sure what that [something] is.

Assuming that this field is “Minimum hole to hole”, I think the correct value is 13 mil (i.e. 2*annular_ring + min_clearance = 2*4mil + 5mil = 13)

Anyone know if this is correct?

Yes it is “Minimum hole to hole”. In my Linux Kicad v5.1.5 version the whole sentence is displayed.

@pedro thanks for the confirmation.

Maybe it’s a bug in 5.15? I’m noticing a bunch of other places where it seems like text is missing from the menus. For example, I would assume that these should be something like “Hole size X” and “Hole size Y”, but I don’t have access to any non-Mac KiCad install at the moment to verify.

This is a bug

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