Help to create Gerber file

Hello. I am a beginner… I found a shema on the web that I want to use. However, it is not in the Gerber file… Can someone help me with this??​

Your link gives me “page not found.” Please be explicit: What exactly do you mean by “shema”? Normally a schematic design would guide the design of a pcb, using EDA software such as KiCad. You need to have a pcb design before you can produce gerber files. The gerber files are used by the fabricator to produce the raw pcb.

The URL in the link just has some garbage characters at the end. If you remove the chars behind the “.zip” then the link works:

The archive contains a “circuit.GIF” with a circuit of a microphone amplifier with 4 BJT’s and two other files:

  • dip.lay6
  • smd.lay6

They are binary files and I do not recognize their headers. A wild guess maybe it’s something to do with sprint-layout 6.

I managed to download the zip. Its got a GIF file showing the schematic, and a SMDad DIP files with .LAY6 extension. I believe this is for Sprint Layout which does not look free.

Your best bet it to watch a few tutorials on using KiCAD and create a schematic, and then create the PCB.

Otherwise you will need to find someone who has a license for Sprint to export gerber files for you.

Paul, just beat me to it.

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Maybe this helps:

I would not know, I don’t use no windoze.
Nor do I consider it safe to download & install software from some random website.

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Question; I work on a 3D project. Kind of hearing aid… do you know someone that we have a small Gerber file (working as an amplifier) that I can use. 2cm by around 3.5/4 cm

I don’t know why your replied only to gmc…

A simple web search:
Finds lot’s of opamps in sot23-6 package Those are more like 2mm by 4mm, but please do not complain these are too small.


WoW! Thank you! I will look at it in a few seconds.

Also, the sort of microphones as used in phones these days are very small. probably also about the size of a SOT23

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Would you built it for me ? How much?

thank you. You help me a lot. I did not want to ask to much… sorry about that.

sorry. I am new with this platform… and I was on my phone… not easy for me to reply to all… Sorry about it. Thank you for your help

thank you so much for you help… I will try that right now. If by any chance, you are or know someone that would like to do it for me… let me know! I want to learn… but I am more 3D printer than electronic… But, really big thanks to you.

I taught that I reply to you… sorry about that. Do not be mad, please. I was using phone… I appreciate all the help you giving me right now. Really thanks,

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