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Hi, I created a schematic last year and have not been back to it for a while, I recently updated Debian Linux from 8 to 9 and need to reinstall Kicad, when I use the Debian repositories or JS-Reynards ppa I get versions that are earlier than what I had, unfortunately I don’t remember the version I had, so my question is twofold, either how to I find out the version I had, or how do I get the latest version beyond 4x

thanks in advance


You might be able to find that by looking at the first line of your kicad_pcb file.


thanks for that, it’s (kicad_pcb (version 20160815), now where do I get that or later?, or perhaps I just have some corruption?


You might have used a nightly build back then. (Might not have been the best idea as nightlies have some specific problems you should be aware of)
Sadly i don’t think you can download very old nightly builds. The more recent builds include the symbol lib table stuff which will require you to remap your project if you want to use it.

But maybe your file can be repaired such that you can open it with kicad stable. Could you post the exact error message?
I assume it is either because your pcb file includes rules for differential pairs or because you have footprints with rounded rectangle pads.
If it is because of rounded rectangle pads you can replace them by rectangle pads (if you don’t really need them) or by overlapping circle pads and rectangle pads if you really need rounded rectangle pads.
If it is because of the differential pair stuff: You can remove these rules from the file if you don’t use differential pairs in your project.


Thanks for all the help, It’s probably not worth anymore effort to fix as it is a small pcb and the schematic opens OK, I will have a look at the pads etc, but it will be quicker to redo it. It’s only for me anyway.



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