Help Making Pads with Vias going Through Them

Hi All,

I got a new project at work to recreate a board that was made long ago by an ex employee. The board has pads on the top layer that connect directly to an external sensor. Traces on other layers of the board go directly under the pads and via up to the pads. If you look at the board, the top of the board shows circular pads, and the bottom of the board shows small via holes directly under the pads. Is there a way to make footprints that do this? When I try doing a via to a pad in layout, it doesn’t allow it. If this is not doable, can I just make vias that have plating on just one side?


Sure, just overlay a through hole pad on a surface mount pad.


Oh, wow, good idea. Thanks, that helps a lot. Quick question, should the surface mount and through hole pad both be the same pin number? Say pin 1 for example? Or the through hole be 1 and the surface mount pad not have a pin number?

You should use the same number, otherwise the drc will complain

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Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile: