Help importing part from Ultra Librarian

Hello, I need some help adding a part from Ultra Librarian.
I added the part’s in Eeschema->Symbol Libraries-> Global Libraries
I placed the part in my schematic.
I open PCBnew and when to Preferences>Manage Footprint Libraries and added the directory of the pretty file.
I tried to follow the instructions on
I have closed everything and then re-opened my schematic that has the new part. I then re-created my Netlist and then launched PCBnew. When I read the Netlist in PCBnew I get the message:

Info: Reading netlist file “F:\myKiCad\project_led_resistor_OR\NetList\”.
Info: Using time stamps to match components and footprints.
Info: Checking netlist symbol footprint “D1:/5E72A7EF:LED_THT:LED_D8.0mm”.
Info: Checking netlist symbol footprint “J1:/5E74523D:digikey-footprints:Terminal_Block_D1.3mm_P5mm”.
Info: Checking netlist symbol footprint “J2:/5E750E3B:TSW-105-07-G-D”.
Info: Checking netlist symbol footprint “R1:/5E72C4DB:Resistor_THT:R_Axial_DIN0204_L3.6mm_D1.6mm_P5.08mm_Horizontal”.
Error: J2 footprint “TSW-105-07-G-D” not found in any libraries in the footprint library table.
Error: Cannot add new symbol J2 due to missing footprint TSW-105-07-G-D.

I am able to place the footprint for the J2 part on the PCBnew board so I don’t understand the problem.

I see the symbol in Eeschema, I can manually add the TSW part in PCBnew, but it won’t let me bring in the part through read Netlist.

Anyone know if the instruction on import Ultra Lib parts has been updated for KiCad 5.1.5?

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How did you do this?

I am guessing here, but I think your schematic and PCB are out of sync.

When you do the Eeschema -> Pcbnew thing, select (*) Re-associate footprints by reference

Usually the schematic is the “reference” and information is ported to Pcbnew for footprint names and other info. If you keep this workflow the chances of anything going wrong and having to repair stuff are minimal.

For about a year now schematic info can be ported directly from Eeschema to Pcbnew with Eeschema / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8]. It basically does the same as first making a netlist and importing it in Pcbnew, but without generating intermediate netlist files. Just hit [F8].

The footprint field should be of the form [library nickname]:[footprint name]. All kicad tools fill it out that way which means your symbol is not a valid kicad symbol. See How can i assign a footprint to a symbol? and possibly also How to get a downloaded symbol, footprint or full library into KiCad version 5?

Hello, thank you for responding to my post. I will check out those links.
Here are some screen shots:

I forgot to Assign Footprint to Symbol in the Eeschema>Tools>Assign Footprints. Have done that and will see how things turn out.

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I know have the symbol attached to a footprint.
Here is a symbol property view:

I finally go it working, with the help of the link:


Thank you very much,

The ultra librarian symbol is really bad. You might be better off to either directly use a generic connector symbol out of the kicad library or copy the generic symbol into a personal lib and assign the footprint to it.

Also the pin numbering seems particularly strange as this is a connector for a flat ribbon cable and these are better suited with pin numberings with one row only odd numbers and the other only even (Conn_02x05_Odd_Even) make sure the footprint also uses the correct numbering. Which in the end means you might be better off to throw away this ultra librarian nonesense and start from scratch:

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Thank you very much. The links will be very helpful.

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