Help - How to use a component from the .pretty file

Hello guys !
I’m new in KiCad and I want to use a component from Connect.pretty.
The component name is AK300/3.
How can I to do that ? How to import that component into a library ?

Thank you in advanced.


Viva Mauro,

Usually the KiCad design path is:
you draw a schematic and export the netlist.
then you add the fooprint libraries in CvPCB (or pcbnew) that you will use.
Using the CvPCB, you will associate a component from the schematic to a footprint

you have always to add the libraries you will use to the current project.

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Hi kammutierspule,
Thank you by help.
So, I’m making a schematic, and I need to use a AK300/3 connector, but I can’t find it in default libraries.
I saw that component in Connect,pretty, and I want to know how I can use it in my schematic, if this is possible.

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So… you install the default libraries, you add the Connect.pretty to your project and you add the AK300/3 connector. Doesn’t that work?

In KiCad 4.0 line this part of workflow should be: you draw a schematic, add the fooprint libraries in CvPcb that you will use and associate components from the schematic to their footprints, and finally back to your schematic and export the netlist.

There is no AK300/3 connector symbol in default Eeschema libraries. You need to use any generic connector symbol with 3 pin. For example CONN01x03 from conn.lib. Then during CvPcb association job select the AK300/3 as a footprint for this component.

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Hi Keruseykaryu,

Thank you by your support.
I’ll try to do that, and give a feedback to you later.

Mauro Amaro.