HELP, HELP - mysteries circles and zone fill failure


First time using KiCAD to draw a PCB.

After finishing the routing, found two issues

(1) some mysteries circles appeared as shown below

(2) zone fill can not be carried out

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated !


No direct personal knowledge but from what I’ve read here this may be a bug that will be taken care of in 5.1.3 which is newly released?

Thanks for quick reply.

I just did a quick test by recreating a PCB. Before doing any routing, zone fill seems working fine.

My current guess about the circles is that they may be caused by differential pair length turning operations. Maybe some bugs there.

5.1.2 has a bug with circles and arcs on the edge cuts layer. Temporarily move them to anther layer as a workaround until you are either finished or 5.1.3 is out for your platform. (Some linux distros already have it. Windows needs to wait for the documentation guys as there is only a singular package and requires everything to be done.)

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I wonder if those circles are clearances. Are your clearances set properly? If you are using inch measurements, did you enter the clearances as mils where you should have entered them as fractional inches?

I could be way off, but that is my knee-jerk reaction to your image.

Thanks for your suggestion. Do you mean the following setting ?


Are there other clearances that need to be set?

Check your net classes. The solder mask clearance won’t affect filling of zones.

And if you made any of your own footprints, check the pad clearances of both the full footprint and the individual pads. (Normally you would make both zero to allow the net class clearance to take effect.)

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