Help for choosing right LED circuit parts on JLC PCB to design on Kicad

  1. Anyone please help me to design a pcb having 1×4cm in dimension and 4 underwater visible RED SMD LED 2NOS ON ONE SIDE AND 2LED ON OPPOSITE SIDE having total 4 button cell battery space ,At one side of PCB ,2nd battery space for 2nos battery having space at opposite side total 6 or 4 battery LED SHOULD BE SELF BLINKING LED IF SELF BLINKING IS NOT AVAILABLE PLEASE ADD NEEDFUL TINY PARTS INTO PCB LIKE RESISTOR, TRANSISTOR . AND I NEED TO PRINT AND ASSESSMBLE IT THROUGH JLC PCB ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME by giving advice to choose which model SMD LED and other parts I have to choose in KICAD also same available parts with JLC PCB

sure, I’ll do it for 500% whatever you’re getting paid.

I’m locking the thread but leaving the post for the comic value educational purpose of showing what is inappropriate. This forum is about Kicad software. Another mod may feel the need for different actions.