Heads up: major component editor changes


Orson just committed a large changeset for the component editor. There is a preliminary patch package available in case you want to test it early, and the 8801 nightly is the last one before these changes (so any later one will have them).

If you are on nightlies and would like to help with testing, please go ahead. If you are not that adventurous, be warned. :slight_smile:


Here is a screenshot for those interested:

Only new thing I see is the component tree on the left. I’ve only tried this for a minute but It seems to be a very useful addition. It can be hidden if you want. By the way ppa version is also updated.


Wow, someone had been a busy little beaver.

One of the clunkiest features of 4.0.x fixed at last :clap:

I opt for this long time ago: How to make Eeschema library editor much better - Wishlist