HDMI type C mini


I’m looking for the HDMI type C connector and I can not find it. Where can I find it? Should I redraw the HDMI type A footprint?


You probably mean you don’t find a KiCad footprint for such connector. But first you have to know which connector you will use – there’s not one but maybe tens or hundreds of those kind of connectors. The footprint must be drawn for that exact model which you will use. You don’t even tell if it’s plug or receptacle.

Here’s a link to one site which provides footprints in KiCad format: https://www.snapeda.com/search/?q=hdmi&search-type=parts

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Are you sure of your connector? I didn’t know HDMI connectors came in “types” (though I know they come in sizes like standard, mini, and micro). Do you mean USB type-C?

Also what @eelik said. While the cable connection side of any standard connector is defined and should be the same across vendors (and even across model families of the same vendor), the board connection side (the part that is important for a properly fitting footprint) are not standardized at all. Two different connectors may need completely different footprints, or the difference might be as subtle as 0.5mm difference between the shield pins or a difference in the placement of the shield pins relative to the electrical pins.

By searching I found this… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#Connectors

Ok. I stand corrected.