HC49S Crystal Footprint


My first contact with KC was yesterday, I installed Eagle, Fritzing and KC, and selected KC. Interface is very intuitive, and I am very happy to complete a first PCB with ATMega329PU as a breeze.

I am using old and discontinued HC49S Crystals that are common in Argentina, with stable quality and cheap.
The FPrint for HC49S is not in the preinstalled libs, I looked for it in the Github site and is not there.
I studied the txt files that define the FPrints with Notepad++ an I see is just a question of patience and knowledge of the format specs to build such file.

Any shorter solution ?

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I guess that the -4H_vertical is the one that will suit you.
Screenshot from 2021-01-28 18-19-29
All crystals “live” in Crystal library.


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Thanks so much !
Worked nice,
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There are a number of ways to search for Footprints (and assign them to schematic symbols) in KiCad.

One way that is very handy (but not intuitive to find) is to use the Footprint Editor to search for footprints.

The search bar in the Footprint Editor has a regular expression like syntax (Just as the “Symbol Browser” integrated in Eeschema) and this makes it useful for finding parts of which you know a partial name.

For example, here I searched for “hc49”

Note, if you search for “hc 49” (with a space in between) then it searches for two separate strings, and it also finds connectors.


Here is another way:

Disadvantage to this method is that the crystal library has to be specifically selected.
Advantage to this method is being able to scroll through the selections and see both the footprint and 3D_package assigned to it.

Indeed, the “Assign Footprints” has nice other extra’s such as simultaneous 3D view, but my post was specifically about the regex search in the Footprint Editor. I find this especially useful for "I need a 12 pin connector, but I don’t know what sort of connector yet.

This Regex search box would be really handy in the “Assign Footprints” too. The function is great, but using it via the Footprint Editor is a nuisance.

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OP: I’m looking for a footprint.
Reply: Provides a 3d_Model first thing.
@paulvdh Provides method to find a footprint.
@Sprig Provides a method to find a footprint and a 3d_Model.

No worries here.
I liked your post because I did not know of the search features in the Footprint Editor. :+1:

Thanks for both answers, is very useful info !
And different flavors to search in many ways.
Have a very nice week end,

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