HC49 SMD crystal footprint


When will the HC49 SMD crystal footprint get a 3D footprint like the through-hole versions? I use it all the time, yet with every version release it seems to be left out.


As soon as somebody creates one of high enough quality to be included and submitts it to the library repo.


There seem to be STEP files floating around in the internet, “HC49 crystal 3d model”, are there some specific needs not covered by those? Photorealistic rendering?


For inclusion in the official lib they need to be in the correct license. We can not simply take any model that is out there. (Re licensing can only be done by the original author)


To be clear, my post was to the original poster… assuming willingness to create user’s own libraries, copying the footprint from the standard library and pointing to a custom 3d file.


Thanks eelik, I’ll check.


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