Having some "remapping" problems after changing the name of symbol library


I am using KiCAD 5.1.6 and I need to change the name of my symbol library based on the requirement of my instructor. I am not sure about if it is a “remapping” problem or not. Here are the errors showing up in the window.

I did find a way to solve this issue by manually changing the library reference in “symbol properties”

The problem is I have hundreds of symbols in this project and I wonder if there is a magical way to change all at once

Any enlightenment would be appreciated!

Have you added BLDC_symbol_lib to:
KiCad / Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries

KiCad does not search for libraries, and only looks for libraries in the places specified there.

Make sure you have a backup when messin’ around with the library stuff.
For example, the “Rescue” mechanism can map a lot of different symbols to a “-Rescue.lib” that it makes itself. and if this is not intended, repairing that is a nuisance.

I did add it to KiCad / Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries but still there are errors

I have a back-up. But I wonder if there is a way to change the library reference somewhere in the setting and then it will change all of my symbols’ library reference? It would be a nightmare if I have to re-assign all the library reference manually.

You can see an overview of the library names in:
Eeschema / Tools / Edit Symbols Library References …
And you can also use copy & paste or browse functions there to change library references.

Then there is also the possibilty to use a search and replace operation in a text editor, with this it’s very doable to replace the “ProjectName-Resque:” with some other string, but it’s still a workaround.
This is all likely to change for KiCad V6, in which Eeschema will receive significant updates, including a whole new file format.

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When tinkering in this realm It helps to know what the -cache.lib and -rescue.lib files do.
The FAQ part of this forum is currently the most upto date info on many topics.
Maybe this helps:

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Ok thanks. I will check it!

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