Have you lost graphics in your symbols?

Has it happened to anyone that you have lost graphic lines in your symbols?

It has happened to me, several times if I’m correct. Luckily I have the library in git, so I found a commit which had lost all circles, straight lines and arcs (lines beginning with C, P and A in the library file format). Boxes (S) were left. Hundreds of lines were removed in that commit without my concent.

I’m of course 100% sure I didn’t remove them knowingly. It looks like there’s a bug which removes them while doing something else (I had modified several symbols in different ways). But I wonder why it hasn’t been reported, it’s quite serious; and why I have experienced this several times (I have redrawn some graphics over time but lost them again) but I haven’t heard about this from anyone else.

So, have you seen this?

Kicad version? :joy::joy::joy:

LOL… how can this be so difficult? Do what I say, not what I do…

Anyways, I don’t remember when I had to redraw those graphics first time, it may have been 5.0 series. The big change which erased lots of graphics is from May 2019 so it must have been some 5.1. I can’t be sure about even the OS because I have done work with Windows and Linux, but I suppose it was on Windows. Definitely it has happened with several minor versions over time, but I haven’t edited the libraries with post-5.1/pre-6.0 nightlies.

I’m using now 5.1.5rc and 5.1.2 in my laptop. So far I have nos lost any graphic or symbol even with symbols I made for v4.

No corrupted symbol graphics for me on Windows with 5.0.x all the way up to the latest 5.1.5rc1 Nightly

Neither with Ubuntu, but I don’t use the Linux version often in the last year

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