Haskell kicad-data package 0.5.0

I have just released the Haskell kicad-data package version 0.5.0.

We have now actually seen some use of this library in the wild in the form of @ppelleti’s footprint-to-script which converts a KiCad footprint to a KicadModTree Python script.

kicad-data can still only parse and write .kicad_mod files but has been fixed to work against over 38,000 of them. Minor changes listed below:

  • Add support for *.Fab layers
  • Add support for die_length pad attribute
  • Fix issue with comment character output
  • Simplify s-expression parser (now supports all KiCad s-expression formats)
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Since it is on github you may want to look into having it listed here:

We link to that page in the FAQ and it will get more visibility.

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