Has anyone ever used a dark mode?

Hi All,

Has anyone ever used a dark mode?

After watching this video:

I noticed that he was using a dark mode, does anyone know how to get this?
The most i could find on this was themes which only seemed to change what you are working on.
Im guessing the next step would be too make changes to the source code?

Thanks in advance.

On Linux, KiCad will use GTK themes, so if you set a dark theme it will work in KiCad (that is what Orson has done in the video). Unfortunately I’m not aware of a way to do this on MacOS or Windows at the moment (those would require support from wxWidgets, the UI framework that KiCad uses, and it’s not available in the current version we use)

Note that this isn’t perfect (see the weird gradient in the layers manager), the current version of wxWidgets is still not very good at this.


Actually I guess in Windows you can force a dark theme, but the dark is very dark, which makes another problem more obvious: KiCad’s icons don’t work well on a dark background right now:


Thanks for the detailed replies, much appreciated.

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