Has anybody here got the footprint generator script working?

I hereby certify that I am most definately asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

I changend that automatic inserted line a little bit ;-). I have need for… yes a footprint. Now I can make it myself ofcourse, but this seems like such a standard one that I cannot possibly be the first one who made one, can I?

The double row variant for these headers are not-yet-added to kicad. All the female variants single and both double row are also not-yet-added

Ofcourse I googled and quickly found this script:

I would like to get an entire range of pinheaders/sockets instead of just the one I need today. I made castellated holes footprints before but it is alot of dumb clicking work. At the risk of being called lazy: I am not in the mood of doing so, knowing when a script can do it for me.

This script looks really neat 'n all but the ‘how-to-use’ is not getting me anywhere. They speak of a .yml inside footprint folders. I can’t find any.

So my questions. Does somebody already made a libary for these 2.54mm right angles headers and sockets in single and double row and is he/she willing to share his/her work?

And has somebody used this script before and can give me some pointers in how to use it?

Kind regards,


Hi @bask185

If you don’t get a satisfactory reply for scripting, most of the dumb clicking work can be eliminated by using the Save As, selection box & Duplicate & Move keys.

Thnx. I actually used to do this the other way around. I started with the 1x20 → Saved As → delete the bottom pads → repeat. Thas was somewhat fast, but not as fast as this script should be :wink: And I just like to learn and master things like these scripts. It would be neat if I can just poop out the 2.00 or 1.27mm variants in 5 minutes time

Yes, I can see your point.

I’m just used to dumbing away the day. :rofl:

Some of these scripts are pretty old, but they all should work.
Depends what you want.
Once I needed a few Hirose connectors from the same series. It was probably quicker to do it manually based on existing footprints, but I thought I may modify one of the existing scripts for a similar type of a connector and create the whole series of the connectors, then commit it to KiCAD GitLab for other users.


Firstly, there are *.yaml files that config the generator, and *.yaml files that describe the parts that are going to be created. You can distinguish them by their names AFAICT.

When there is not a *.yaml inside a directory, then you should run only the *.py file.

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