Happy birthday!

Isn’t KiCad 30 years old ?


According to Wikipedia it is.

We really need the month and perhaps the day that the little brat was inflicted upon us.

I just checked out the Wikipedia page. I sort of wonder what it was like in the early 90’s. I was doing e-mail via dial-up, but I am suspecting that if I had heard about KiCad and wanted a copy I would have needed to get someone to mail me one or more floppies?

Autocad in those days ran under DOS. I designed my electronic workbench using Autocad in 3D on a 20 MHz 80386 computer with a 48 MB HDD. (The bench top is a cheap door.) In the company where I worked, we started using Aptos (or perhaps a previous name for it…Chancellor??) for pcb design and gerber files needed to be transmitted via modem or I think otherwise hand-carried. I think that boards were laid out with tape until 1991 or so where I worked. My memory of exactly when the transitions happened is fuzzy.

Yes happy birthday, indeed.
Much love and respect from Vienna (Institute of high energy physics).

I feel like this one has been raised and nurtured very well from it’s “parents” and the community, so it became a formidable example of a valuable open source project.


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