HackChat with KiCad project leader Wayne Stambaugh TODAY


TODAY! Join Wayne Stambaugh from the KiCad project in Hack Chat to talk about the State of KiCad in 2018.

New features, compliments, complaints, all will be discussed! Friday 12PM Noon PST on Jan 5:


For quick reference, this is also:

  • 20:00 UTC
  • 1PM MST
  • 2PM CST
  • 3PM EST


I cheated and used their countdown timer. :wink:


Will a recording be available? That’s 4am my time. :disappointed:


They appear to offer transcripts but I don’t see one for recordings.


“Your application is pending”. I’ve got a feeling it will be pending till the whole thing is done. I understand that this way only the most persistent will get to participate, but there got to be an easier way to do a chat. If only we had a dedicated web site for KiCad discussion where something like that could be implemented… wait…


I think you pressed the wrong button? I did too. You need to click on the “Join Hack Chat” speech bubble.


huh, somehow I had the impression that this would be like an audio interview with Wayne or something. wasn’t expecting to just see a big chat window


Yeah, the format is not very conducive to efficient communication. At the very least they could’ve done a moderated chat, so you wouldn’t have to parse through all that chatter


Same. And it was really hard to write answers. (Massive lag)

Thanks @pdp7 for alerting us about this event.


yeah, honestly I thought that was a complete mess. that chat system cannot handle that many people talking at once. Wayne was even missing questions :confused:

Moderated would have been muuuuuch better, @ArtG


Yeah, pretty chaotic. At least the pizza was good :slight_smile:


And i can’t even answer some of the questions on the original discussion thread. (Someone had a follow up question to my answer but i can’t answer him. There is no reply button only a report button.)

We are spoiled with this forum.


that interfarce is horrible. i wanted to ask some questions but i bailed out before the official “chat” began. could’nt cope with it no more. the transcript is ok-isch, but i got more info in the talk he did about the state at fosdem: https://youtu.be/SlxpHWB_vb8


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