Guidelines in pcbnew


Would be cool if we can get guide lines implemented to help draw straight lines/traces/fill zones and have tools snap to those.


In Canvas View (F9), when you start a filled zone there is a setting in the Copper Zone Properties called Outline slope, and if you set it to H, V, and 45 deg only it will limit all zone boundary lines to either horizontal, vertical or 45º angles. This unfortunately does not work in OpenGL mode (F11), but that mode gives you surgical control of every image on that board so it won’t do a whole lot to help. I usually do my copper zones in Canvas (F9) and then I will go into OpenGL (F11) to fine tune the zone.


In open gl holding ctrl while drawing the zone polygone does limit it to 45 degree steps.


Absolutely true. I did not know that, thank you! That’s a nice trick.


All, Thanks for the suggestions. I had missed those settings in there but also just starting out in kicad.


D**g. I have fought with polygons too much, and now someone tells it would have been this easy. There are some nice features in KiCad which are not visible in any way and therefore by many users never found and used.


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