Grouping parts and centering as a group

I have a collection of 8 leds that are properly spaced and aligned vertically with each other. I would like to group them into a single object that I can then “center” on the PCB. Is this possible? Currently using 5.1.4.

Grouping is sadly not supported at this point in time.

gotcha. Thats what I was afraid of. :slight_smile:

Why not simply make a footprint of pads necessary for your 8 LEDs - they would then stay in alignment and could be moved en bloc?

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Combining multiple components in one footprint is at best a hack. You do not get multiple entries in the BOM and in the position file this way so it is completely useless if you ever plan to use automatic manufacturing.

Agreed that this is a far from perfect solution and I don’t know the possible problems it generates will be an issue for @iitgrad.
I have not actually tried this but could you make an alignment footprint? Just a fab layer with alignment marks for the individual LEDs? Place this once in pcbnew and align your individual LEDs to it . Just an idea?

It depends on the amount of effort that one wants to put on each development stage.
I have modified manually both the BOM and the position file because combining 2 connectors in one footprint required less positioning and layout effort.

Moving some instances of the same combined footprint was also less prone to error than moving each connector individually.

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