Grouping and reuse of schematic and layout section


presently I’m working on a series of projects which all contain an RF section consisting of a RF chip, a bunch of caps, inductors, micro-strip, socket etc. As always the geometrical arrangement on the board is critical for the RF performance and once optimized should not be changed. With ‘append’ I can attach the RF-section to a schematic, however already the annotation will be different (c5 is now c17 etc…). For the layout I have not figured at all how to group a set (section) of components/footprints for reuse in the next project, except a complete manual process which also requires a ‘translation’ of the indexes. Besides being cumbersome this is also quite error prone.
Any ideas how I can improve my working process? Your comments are much appreciated!


This is on some future roadmap for KiCAD, but currently not built-in.

As for your case… can you separate out the RF section and use it as a start point for the options/variations of those boards?
Essentially using it like an advanced template project… no better idea, sorry.


Well another option is to use some sort of python scripting.

Maybe something similar is already around. I think a few penalizing scripts do exist. They could be a good starting point for this.