Group Selection Problems for Reference

rel=5.1.5-3 pcbnew
I am working with 100 pin components and trying to massive changes to associated single pin connectors etc. One thing I need to do is slightly move all of the Reference values on connected items.

I can do a group selection on all of the footprints, but I cannot do a group selection on just the references.
I can individually select each Reference for each item holding down the shift key which amounts to the same thing–very laborious for 25 at a time.

I would think that group select should work on the references since it does work individually. Is this a bug–or am I just expecting something that does not exist?


Fritz, there are some nice selection features on high end packages, like Altium but KiCad needs resources to get them all. Meanwhile you can apply some workarounds.

I had told you “Items” tab, remember? You can use that tab for hiding elements other than references, then select them all and then show the rest again.

But unfortunately you won’t be able to edit them at the same time like you can do with traces. I generally open the file in a text editor and do this repetitive task via editing manually.

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Thanks Murat.
I have done some operations by hiding elements and that works in many cases. I has also considered using a text editor to do repetitive tasks but as new user I am approaching this carefully as I want to make sure I do not corrupt any files.
All told, now that I am becoming used to KiCad, it works well for the level of work that my lab does and I am sticking with it. It is clear that a lot of hard work went into it and I admire the people that make that happen.


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I suggest using Git or a similar version control system. You’ll be safe at some level.

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