Group from schematics to pcb

Group from schematics to pcb… is something like this possible in KiCad?

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One of my favorite ULPs in eagle.
Not possible with Kicad v6.

But … already implemented (and working) in development-version v6.99: Post-v6 new features and development news - #45 by craftyjon


Thanks, that’s good news! Now just-not-only-rectangular-groups is what’s left to fix, or is that possible also in this new version? Rectangular groups feels stiff and not dynamic/modern.

or is that possible also in this new version

No, the selection still works only with rectangles. But after 1 year kicad I’m now used to the kicad-selection principle and I miss the arbitrary selection ability only seldom.

Ok I see, thanks for your replies!

Not true. Standard selection mechanisms apply. You can add to a selection by shift-click etc.
There is no lasso-selection though.

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OK…But is this similar? What if you have a circuit that is replicated 5x or 10x on one board? Is there a good way to lay out those footprints (and tracks) only once? This is not something which I have needed to do so far in KiCad. Does hierarchal design help with this at all?

Thanks, that shift click is also a good option.

There is a plugin to do just that. Replicate layout

Yes it is quite easy actually to do with hierarchical sheets and the replicate layout plugin (part of the kicad action plugins and available in PCM)

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