Ground star point

I have a recurrent problem concerning grounds. It’s usually considered good practice to have a single
ground point between analog and digital grounds. But if you write that kind of point in the schematic
with a wire between analog and digital grounds, then they become a single net and wherever you
want to connect to the ground plane, Kicad doesn’t care, it connects to ground.

One way to do that is to use a 0 ohm resistor. This keeps 2 separate nets and it does the job.
But why should I use a 0 ohm resistor for something I could make with a plain trace?

I tried to make a footprint with a via in the middle (that can be good to have a reliable ground for
the oscilloscope). I can route GNDA, but now GNDD cannot be routed at all.

How do you guys proceed with ground star points?


You need a NetTie to join two nets

Net-ties allow this.
The use of star grounds has gone out of fashion these days. What do you do if you have two ADC/DACs?
Really continuous ground planes are often better EMC practice

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Thanks for you replies.

Yes, except if the customer wants it this way.

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