Ground fill on F.Cu layer not working for me? [solved]

Hello everyone,

This is my first time adding a ground plane to my project, so I may be overlooking some setting I have to change in order for this to work. I am having trouble adding a ground plane to my F.Cu layer. I made the outline and selected the appropriate layer and GND. then when I select the area and click zones fill all zones. I does not for some reason:

Any ideas?

Are you assuming the shield pads to be gnd? because they are not connected to the gnd net.
Zones only fill if they have a chance of being connected to a pad that is assigned the net the zone is assigned to.

See: How to create a power plane (using zones)

Excellent spot!!
I just realised I had all the ground pads referenced to pin 1 on the header which connects through a header connection to the ground plane of a mother board not seen in the picture above but to which this small board plugs in to.

In this case I had to select Net-(J1-Pad1) which made the ground plane and fixed the problem for me.

Thank you!

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