Grid won't show in footprint editor when opened thru footprint assignment tool

anyone have any ideas why the grid won’t show in footprint editor when you open it thru footprint assignment but it does show up when you open footprint editor from main kicad window. changed grid on/off, changed grid settings back and forth. checked preferences - everything on. changed grid color. also zoomed in and out. still doesn’t come on. scratching my head

using 7.0.8

You might try changing Accelerated and Fallback Graphics to see if that changes the behavior.

FWIW, I stopped using the Footprint Assignment tool. I have found assigning footprints through the Tools -> Symbols Field Table to be FAR more intuitive (and faster.)

When you click in the footprint field, a shortcut icon goes to the same UI as the Footprint Editor. This means the filters are easier to use, and you get a preview without opening yet another window.

(Also, it might be a way to get back to your grid view.)

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