Grid origin in KiCad 6? [Solved]

How do I set the grid origin in KiCad 6? From reading it looks as though you’re supposed to be able to do it using the second icon from the bottom in the palette on the right. But I can’t get that to do anything but place the drill file origin.

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Does Coordinate system, grid and origins in Pcbnew (especially version 5.99) answer your question?

No, it does not. Let me clarify.

In KiCad 5 there’s an icon, “Set the origin point for the grid”. It allows you to quickly and easily change the grid origin to a given point. I see no such icon in KiCad 6.

From it looks like the second from bottom icon is (along with others) a “multi tool” that lets you choose from different functions, including setting the grid origin:


But I can’t get that behavior. I can only get it to place the drill file origin. The grid origin icon never appears. I tried hovering over the icon, right clicking, and clicking on the triangle. Nothing.

Long-press with the left mouse button, or click and drag with the left button.

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Is this some trouble with understanding how the fold-out buttons work?
Or is it someting else?

  1. press and hold the mouse on the button untill it folds out.
  2. Click on one of the folded out functions to select that function.

The same mechanism is also used in other places (all buttons with the triangle in the lower right corner) For example the measurements.

Yes, I just got that. As I said I tried hovering and right clicking, but long press did not occur to me.

Right-clicking does something else on some buttons (for example, the Route Tracks button)

Or just use the function from the main menu:
Pcbnew / Place / Grid Origin

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I’ll have to add the instructions to the FAQ article. I’m blind to some things because they have become self-evident to me. It’s easy to see how long click isn’t intuitive for new users.

EDIT: Edited the FAQ article so that it would have answered this question.

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