Grid Origin from drawing sheet offset in PCB editor

I’m a tad confused and I don’t recall having this problem in v5. I have two issues:

  1. I have a drawing sheet I custom created in v5. I am using v6 now and it did indicate it was created in an older version but would be updated when saved. Ok, no problem so far. Origin is set to top left paper corner. Grid in drawing sheet editor is mm and spacing set to 1mm. When I hover over the origin at top left paper corner X,Y properly reads 0,0. When I load this worksheet into PCB editor and have the grid also in mm and set to 1mm spacing I cannot hover over the origin properly it is offset from the grid. It is offset by 0.3148,0.2010. See below. I know I can place an origin but all objects are still referenced to original grid origin and it’s getting confusing. I am not sure why this is happening. Any thoughts?

  1. Only parts of the worksheet I created in v5 is showing up in v6 when loaded into PCB editor even after saving and it being converted to v6. I have double checked the settings and the objects missing are set to “page 1” and they are not on “other pages” as desired. drawing sheet loads into PCB editor like it is an “other sheet” instead of sheet 1 otherwise everything looks correct. The preview in page settings show it correctly but once loaded it disappears. Very confusing, not sure what I am missing.

Thanks for any assistance.

Ok I fixed #1 sort of…Under View → Grid Properties I “reset grid origin” and it fixed the offset. On another note, if I edit my drawing sheet in the editor and move the origin to a different corner I can’t seem to get it to update in the PCB Editor…

In the PCB editor, the upper left corner of the drawing sheet is always placed on (0, 0).

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