Grid jumps back to 5mm by itself?

Just wonder if anyone experiences the same, sporadic, event that the grid jumps by itself back to 5mm. Have had this so many times now. Not sure it because of by accident pressing a (hot)key or something.

Hotkey “n” is a default key to changes grid size.

You can also go to: Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys and then search for “grid”. That lists all grid related hotkeys.


There was a thread devoted to the N hot key recently, which is probably the same as your problem.
It was about accidentally hitting the N hot key instead of the M hot key.

As can be seen in the screen shot by @paulvdh , the N key switches to the next grid, which in your case in probably 5mm.

Personally, I solved this problem with some hot key re-assignment.

  • I assigned N to Grid Properties (which I find useful in the Symbol and Schematic Editors and which harmlessly shows the Properties box instead of stuffing up my work if hit accidentally)

  • I assigned Alt + N to Switch to Next Grid (as easy to remember as Shift + N).

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I definitely need stronger spectacles, I read that as God jumps back to 5mm at first. :frowning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But yeah a lot of people thought the n key was too close to the m (move) key so you’re not alone.

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I experienced this too, the N is a payne. Best to change the hotkey to nothing or something.

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