Grid display trouble and load time longer


Recently, a display bug is appear on PCBNEW :
the grid display become line instead of dot.
When I launch pcbnew, the loading time is longer as usual.
The component pads display is different as usual.

It’s the same problem for all my kicad projects.

=> I have uninstal kicad and reinstal it, the bug don’t disappear.
=> I load several project on other computer and here is no display issues.

Someone have the same problem and could help me?

In attach file, screen shot of my pcbnew.

Tx, Jul.


What kicad version are you running?

I think the stable version has lines instead of dots in the opengl canvas. Some nightly build versions had dots, for newer nightlies this is configurable.


Hi, I have the problem on the 4.0.2 and 4.0.7 release.

The grid display issue still there, with an old project and also new project.


hi, it’s good now, it was just an alternative display Open GL who’s been activated by error.
I’ve pressed F9 key and the display default setting is back.

Tx for the answer.

The topic could be closed



Just for your information: The opengl canvas is the new canvas that has a lot more features than the default (now called legacy) canvas.
Open gl includes the interactive router, diff pair router, … which will not be implemented in legacy. Open gl will be the default in version 5. I suspect legacy will finally be removed in version 6.