Gratitude from (an Ocean Conservation Org)

The DigiKey how-to youtube videos and KiCad enabled me to create a new type of hydrophone, and I was brand new to KiCad when I started the project on Tuesday, two days ago. KiCad is not only awesome, but easily approachable. I cannot thank you enough. Now we have a way (with our meager $) to get designs done. fights fish bombing in Malaysia and in Monterey, CA




Great to hear. I wasn’t aware that fish bombing in the ocean is a thing, BTW.

Is that an open design by any chance? Just curious.

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It’s a big thing. Philippine fisheries practically destroyed, they are mostly eating farmed tilapia and chicken these days.

We want to be open source, likely CC. I’m on, but it hasn’t been very busy lately. Do you know of a cool place to post if we get approval for CC?


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Hi @Clarkman

This sounds like a very interesting project. If you release it (maybe on GitLab – our friends and current host) please submit it to the KiCad project gallery at as we’d love to feature it.

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