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Hello, I’m designing a schematic and to aid in readability and comprehension I was hoping to place some graphic symbols representing the signals I would expect to see at that location in the circuit. For example at one point I have a pulse, so I was hoping to place a little square wave just above the wire carrying the square pulse. I’ve noted the Graphic portion of the symbol library included in KiCAD, but I’m wondering if anyone can point me to a resource that would allow me to put the type of symbol I’ve described above on the schematic. I’ve checked Unicode, and it only has a sine wave, which I will definitely use in the future but doesn’t work for my current purposes.

but you could also add an image.

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I think your best option would be to design a few of your own as symbols. (Just mark them as Exclude from BOM and Exclude from PCB.)

You could also design a custom font, but you’d have to use 6.99 or wait for 7.0 for that.

KiCad V6 does not support custom fonts. It just has a custom designed fixed font, which means that you can’t just design a fancy character and use it in a text string.

Designing them as separate schematic symbols just as in the “graphic” library is probably your best option.

Another method is to use Schematic Editor / Place / Add Image This can directly insert a bitmap image (such as .png or .jpg) into your schematic.

Yet another option is to use the Image converter (From KiCad’s Project manager main menu) to convert an image into a schematic symbol.

But what’s the purpose of the add image feature then , the graphic appears on the schematic on the screen. It’s simply that it then doesn’t print

( rectangles and text do print )

Thank you Franzee, that’s perfect!

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