Graphic not allowed on Copper Layers

Hi, I am following a Youtube tutorial for KiCad from Digikey. I am now on designing the PCB.

However when I “Add a Graphic Line”, it prompts me “Graphic not allowed on Copper Layers.”
Beginner here. :slight_smile:

Wow, that is a complicated way to draw a board outline. Anyway, you need to select “Edge.Cuts” layer before drawing the graphic line.

Edit; even our own Chris Gammell makes it look harder than it needs to be. It seems to be a lot easier in metric as well. If I knew how to do the video I would make my own guide :slight_smile: Using the keyboard arrows is a much easier way to get a precise position.

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@bobc That was painful to watch.

@cnpante In PcbNew, the Layers Manager controls which of the layers the action will be taken on. The top layers are physical layers for creating the actual pcb. Most layers after, starting with Dwgs.Usr, are for documentation and placement; the “Edge.Cuts” layer defines the physical outline of the pcb.

As @bobc mentioned, select the “Edge.Cuts” layer and ensure that it is visible (the box is checked).

You should have some rough idea of how big you want the board to be, and where you want to place it on the page. Use a fairly large grid size and using the “Add graphic lines” tool draw the edge outline of your board.

If you care about the width of the line, you should draw only one segment. Then, edit that segment, and change both the line width and the default with to your desired width. When finishing up the edge outline the remaining segments will use the default value (and you won’t have to edit those segments).

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Oh holy shit. Ok my bad, I did not follow that through since it was in the video. Anyways, Thank you guys!

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