Got mixed up, when starting a new PCB!

I just tried to add a couple of components to the PCB I’m working on, making a new PCB, but I get lots of ‘can’t find’ messages? I have been trying to start a new PCB, using the old one, and renamed files to the new name, which I assume has caused this.

If I roll back, there is a clean, but old and out of date PCB file set, that I can use.

So my question is: How can a new PCB be made using an older version as a start pattern?
Cheers, Camerart.

In a KiCad project the directory name, the project file name, the main schematic sheet filename and the PCB filename should all be the same (apart from their extensions).

The names of sub-sheets in a hierarchical schematic should not be renamed, or you also have to change these filenames in the schematic itself.

But stacking problems on top of each other is not a good idea.
Instead, make a copy of your project without renaming filenames (The directory name itself can be changed). KiCad should always be able to open files made with older versions of KiCad.
All versions of KiCad prior to KiCad-nightly V5.99 do rely on external libraries for schematic symbols. If those libraries are missing (or not listed in the sym-lib-table file) then KiCad can not use them.

I’m not sure about your “Can’t find messages”. Can’t find what? Footprints or schematic symbols?I assume it has something to do with your library setup. There are several in-depth tutorials about problems with libraries in the FAQ.

Hi P,
Ok, thanks.

I’m about to upgrade from 5.1.9 to the latest version, then I’ll try what you suggest.

As you can see I must have changed the name of the library.
Cheers, C