Good open source hardware site?

@samuk is looking for a good site to discuss and develop open source hardware. Best I can come up with is Open Source Hardware - Page 1 . seems to be a nice concept degraded into a front for commercial interest.

Any suggestions? Where do like minds for projects like this go to collaborate?


Thanks @hermit since the original post I’ve found kitspace · GitHub Which I think answers my need for somewhere to ‘showcase’ projects.

This space or EEblog seems to serve design review needs.


If you’re into a bit more expensive/fancier open hardware, you can visit



@samuk ,Thanks for the link - it has few interesting projects of interest to me (particular is the Spectrometer )

I’m encouraged to post some of my Astronomy Apps… (tbd)

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Not that much that’s searchable here: 25 Projects tagged with "OSHW" |

Tags there don’t tell everything. For example USBreadboardIT | : “The entire board, designed with KiCad, is contained in one square inch. OSHW license!” It doesn’t have the tag. And I guess there are more which don’t mention “OSHW” at all even though they have an Open licence. After all, it’s “the single largest online repository of Open Hardware Projects” (unless they lie).

@Anool may have something to say about hackaday; he’s a contributor there.

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True, I see more here: Results for kicad | not very searchable though :frowning:

Open source projects cluster around platforms.

For software this would be operating systems, languages, application frameworks and so forth.

The equivalent for hardware would be categories like hardware platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, various development boards, etc), applcation areas (IoT, comms, mobile, entertainment, etc), fabrication technologies, tools, etc.

One drawback is that while one can reshape software to repurpose it, it’s more difficult with hardware, hence the trend to use firmware and programming to shape hardware. It’s also getting easier to share designs.

I think the takeaway is that like software, where you have to be across various platforms for a project, similar will be required for hardware. So you won’t be able to find an ideal home for a given project. You probably have to house the project on a sharing site like GitHub and link to it from all the other fora where you discuss it.

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There are a lot of open projects, HiFi and audio related on

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Five years ago I posted an astronomy project on Arduino site and they automatically created an identical posted project on

It’s identical and reflects any changes I make and the number of user hits…

Somehow, it’s seen 8,563 views and links to my gizmo are found on several other sites…

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Adding this for completeness: bit stale and corporate owned.