GND Plane unconnected? (solved)


Hi, all !

I’m seeing a curious thing in PCBnew. I shows 2 GNDs not being connected when they are both clearly on the back ground plane:

PCBnew reports this is the only connection that is still unconnected in this circuit.
Is this a bug ?


Is the gnd plane interrupted somewhere between these two pins. (It seems like the -12v trace cuts the plane.)


We can’t see the whole board but it is likely that one of them connects to an isolated section of the zone.


I don’t “think” it’s interrupted.
Does this give a better view ?


We would need to see the whole board.




R6 is the one in question. R2 just above it doesn’t have the issue.


The way KiCad shows unconnected segments can be a little confusing, it picks a point in each segment and shows them with an airwire.

However, I don’t see that the ground plane can reach all the required pads with the tracks you have. You will need to redraw tracks on the back, or explicitly link the segments with a track on the front.


Here lives an isolated zone:
Also C7 is the part that is unconnected not one of your resistors.


I re-routed the -12V to D4 and it solved the problem.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, folks !