GND and VCC nets getting confused with each other

Hello everyone,

I am creating a PCB with 4-layers, one of the internal layers is a ground plane and the other will be for VCC. The problem I seem to be having is that on the schematic I will have a local label (5V) going to appropriate pins on the symbol. When I generate the netlist and read it in PCBnew, it is not recognizing it as 5V and instead says its a GND connection.

The schematic is a multi-schematic project.

The odd thing is that the 5V going into the sheets is done the same for all the sheets on the main schematic, but only some of them work.

Essentially, I want all the 5V between all the sub-schematics to be recognized on PCBnew as one net, right now the one that are working seem to be separate nets. I tried changing all the local net names of 5V to global and that didn’t seem to work.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!