Global Unlock for Version 5.1.4

I have been struggling with the bug that crashes KiCad as soon as you delete a locked track causing you to lose all your work since your last save.

I have however figured out a solution while they work on version 5.1.5 which, the main reason for the release of version 5.1.5 is exactly this issue.

When opening the Pcbnew saved file (XXX.kicad_pcb) with a text editor, I used Notepad++, I saw that at the end of each locked track, via or footprint they add " (status 40000)", so I just used the find and replace function of Notepad++ (ctrl+h) and replaced " (status 40000)" remember the space before the braces with nothing, make sure that you don’t have anything in the replace with field, not even a space

I believe using 5.1 testing builds from is less error prone. ATM they are between 5.1.5rc1 and 5.1.5 final, it’s frozen for other than critical bugfixes so it should be pretty safe.


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