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I have been searching for a while how I could have a kind of development profile, which would forever (at least until I change something) start any project with my own default settings. For instance, minimum trace = 0.125. Every time I start a new project, I’m back to square one and I have to redo all the settings one by one, potentially forgetting something.
Is there a kind of .kicadrc that I could put somewhere and which would auto configure my working environment for any new project? Ideally I would need 2 profiles, for 2 and 4 layer, which covers most of what I design.


What you want to do is easy.

Learn to create a “Template”. Make your settings in the “File>Board Setup”. Then, when creating a new project, select the Temple panel and choose your desired template…

Alternatively, create your project and do the board setup. Save it. Then, use it as the basis for new project by copying it in your system and saving it with a new name…

Thanks, I will do that. I thought there might be a more straghtforward way to do it but it seems to work. I will check if there is that kind of feature request, it would be nice. That might be the only detail for which Eagle is better.

I posted this Template Info

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