Global Properies Change

Is it possible to change components properties globally?
I have the need to change a large number of resistor to different package.
I have selected all incorrect resistors and right-clicked to get properties, but menu does not appear.

Is it possible to change components properties globally?

In principle yes, with different ways.

But we need more info:
Used kicad version?
Used editor? (board or schematic? The word “components” doesn’t helps - schematics contain symbols and the board contains footprints).

thank you for your reply.
I did post under ‘shematic’.
Yes you are right i should have said ‘symbol’.
I am using KiCad 7.

Changing the footprint for multiple symbols (in the schematic editor):

  • use the command Tools–>Assign footprints (also available as button on top toolbar).
  • use the Tools–>Edit symbol fields table (also available as button on top toolbar). Here you have to first change the footprint-field of the first symbol, than you can copy/paste this footprint-string to the other footprint-fields (like a spreadsheet calculator)

Sadly both tools show the complete list of symbols and not a reduced list of previously selected symbols, so for very large schematics these dialogs are pretty large.
The symbol fields table at least allows to filter with a search-string.

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Thank you very much for your help, it works.

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