Global pad selection 1 side and mask to mask over the removed pad

1- On a two sided board I would like to globally select pads to show on one side then select which pads to show on both sides. I have tried the footprint editor > Dimensions > Pad settings > Layers. It doesn’t do anything either in OpenGL or Default canvases. I have to do each pad individually.

2- If I make a pad not show on a side then go to print the Mask for that layer, the Mask still has the pad. Is there a way to have Mask not Mask pads that are not on its layer.

I think you need to disable the desired mask layer of this pad.
Here a screenshot of the pad settings for a top only pad.

The pad settings dialog allows you to set settings the next pads should have when you place new pads.
Sadly there is no change selection tool. (as far as i know.)
But you could make a python script to achieve what you want.

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I’ll come back to it, In the meantime: [quote=“Rene_Poschl, post:2, topic:4912”]
But you could make a python script to achieve what you want.

I love it when people say that :grinning: I’ll just put on my programming hat and get to it, but wait, why would I waist time on wimpy languages. Real people use machine language! Microsoft has made everyone soft!

I’ll play again with the mask. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, I had a bit of a play and can only do it individually unfortunately. O’ well at least I can do it.