Global pad clearance


First of all, I want to say i’m a complete rookie, so don’t be too harsh on me :D. I read the similar topics, but i couldn’t find a final explanation.
Let’s say i have 5 resistors in layout (pcbnew), and i just want to modify the dimensions and clearance of the pads.
I tried with right click on the pad->edit all pads->pad editor->i modified the dimension and the clearance of the pad->change pads on identical footprints.

Now, here’s the problem…the dimensions of the pad are modified for all the resistors but the clearance is modified just for the pad i clicked on. That’s a bug or something, because i tried all the things but i couldn’t make it work. The only thing that is working fairy well is with “design rules”, and there creating a separate net class where i modify the clearance, but in the same time the clearance of the track is modified.

So…i just want to know if there is any method to modifiy the dimensions and the clearance of the pads, all at the same time

I just hope someone can give me a light. :slight_smile:

Copper to copper clearance is only set via the drc settings. (Dependent on netclass as you already found out) If you use filled zones, these have their own settings.

For solder mask and paste clearance:
Normally you don’t set the clearance in the pads themselves. (All values are equal to 0) You use the project wide settings under dimensions -> pads mask clearance.

This way you can not forget one pad. (These settings are manufacturer dependent not footprint dependent.)

If you set the clearance in the footprint properties than these overwrite the project settings for this one footprint.
If you set it in the pad properties, the footprint and project settings are overwritten for this one pad.
I have never tried to set it in either the footprint or in the pads. I don’t know if your observation is the expected behavior here.

The minimum width of the soldermask can only be set project wide.