Global labels ... can I use Input and Output on the same Net?


This is a external switch connector, which goes to the input of a micro-controller.
So these are the same Net.

J8 connector is on one sheet and the other is on a separate sheet.

J8 Global label is set as an Output, this seems logical to me.
The other one is set as an Input ( as it goes into a micro-controller ) , again this seems logical to me.

  • Does this seem correct ?
  • It does not fail ERC check. So perhaps it doesn’t care about if an Input or a Output used ?
  • What is the convention for Global labels, should they all be set the same ?

Thanks for your help


As far as I know the difference is only cosmetic.
ERC only seems to worry about pins and power flags

Thanks davidsrsb it reassures me :grinning:

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