Global label not connected to any other global label


I am usin Kicad with a pin connected directly to the same global net. When I run ERC I get global label not connected to any other global label.
Opening the net file I see

 (net (code 25) (name A4)
      (node (ref U1) (pin DA4))
      (node (ref U2) (pin 83)))

Why is Kicad generating this ERC error then?

It was a problem with the pins schematic being an input. THis causes the problem

Hello Roaming_Ranger,

Did you fix this error just by changing the pin to other type? For instance, output pin?


I wonder if Roaming_Ranger is still here after 5 years. Not speaking about the KiCad version from 2015 (probably pre-4) which has been obsolete for 5 years.

You may benefit from the FAQ, for example Electrical type of schematic symbol pins.

You can also give more details about your situation, you can even zip and drag your project here and we can look into it.

(EDIT: as a newcomer you can’t attach files yet; spend some time reading some topics and you’ll get the priviledges. And when asking a question, always give KiCad version information.)

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Thank you for the suggestion!