GitPLM -- PLM (product lifecycle management) in Git

Hi, I recently needed a way to manage information for a handful of designs for one of my customers, so started scratching out a tool/process for this.

There are other tools out there (1 2), but would like something that is a little more general, works with multiple CAD systems (PCB and mechanical) and usable at a slightly higher layer multi-level BOMs, product assemblies, etc.

I think Git is a generally useful tool that can be used in many workflows beyond software source code that require collaboration and review, and have been experimenting with using it in different ways. Perhaps it can be used to manage PLM data changes and review.

Ideas/feedback welcome.

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Neat! I’ll take a closer look when I have time. I think having an open PLM tool and workflow that is designed for Git and compatible with KiCad is great. I think using proper PLM techniques is a good idea even for tiny companies or individuals making PCBs – if your products will have any lifetime at all, using internal part numbers (HPNs as Cliff calls them) in your CAD tool instead of manufacturer part numbers is a really good idea, but to make that easy you need a tool to manage the mapping between internal part numbers and actual purchasable items (manufacturer part numbers) over time, and this is one of the important things a PLM system does.

This is very interesting! I will have a closer look too see in this can fit in my workflow. Or at least get inspiration for functions to add to my own scripts.