GitLab with Phone number and CreditCard?

Hi all, I have recently encountered couple of ugly bugs in new V8.0.1 (e.g. regular eschema segmentation faults) and would like to help Kicad devs to fix it.

Unfortunately the GitLab now asks verification by phone number and credit card - WTF ? :frowning: I am not willing to share this with them, sorry.

Does anybody know how to sign in to GitLab without phone/CC or possibly how to report KiCad bugs the other way ?


Create a github account and use that to sign into gitlab via the github sso option

I understand your frustration with the CC and phone.

Just a thought, if one needs to enter a valid CC number for whatever reason, my CC issuer (Citi) will allow you to create “virtual” CCs. I’ve used it to purchase from a vendor I was not comfortable with.
You can limit the max charge to anything. I was at $125. After the transaction cleared I deleted the virtual CC number.

I have tried to sign in via my existing GitHub account, but alas GitLab still requests phone/CC before letting me in. As far as I have read, this is their new approach from about end of 2023.

I am not sure why KiCad has chosen specifically GitLab, but I guess it will discourage many people - like me - from actively helping to this project :-1:

Yes. See

Some details: Concern about GitLab asking for credit card - Community - GitLab Forum